Week 1 Sober Treat - New Tassel Earrings!

IMG_5377 O.K. Well I decided that I will splurge in a small sober treat after each week. Now that I'm on Day 7, naturally I kept my promise to myself. I got these pink tassel earrings that are handmade in South Carolina. They are a fun color and just what I was looking for. A few ideas for the next sober treat:

  • Manicure/pedicure
  • Massage/facial
  • Sweet treats from Whole Foods - I love their power bites
  • A new book - I recently read A Happier Hour and loved it
  • New pair of running shoes
  • Swimsuit - going to the beach in June and need to start thinking about the swimsuit - YIKES
  • Ingredients for fun mocktail

The list goes on and on. Happy Sober Saturday!