My Whys + PowerSheets

So many books I've read or programs I've seen encourage anyone interested in doing an alcohol free program is to "list your why's". Why are you trying to do this challenge? How does alcohol get in the way of your life and what you enjoy most?

At the beginning of each New Year, I always resolve to eat better, live more in the moment, quit drinking so much, etc. But I never really do any work to try to make sure those goals happen.

So this year I bought Lara Casey's PowerSheets program. (I'm a big sucker for purchasing online programs. Ha! Maybe that ought to be my next goal to conquer).

The PowerSheets program asks you to think about your goals in an entirely different way, while staying accountable and on track. When I was completing my "Cultivated Life Evaluation," I realized how alcohol affected ever single area:

  • Health - I know drinking every day isn't great for my health. I also know that the days after I drink too much, my workouts suck (or are non-existent), I eat like crap and just generally feel like shit.
  • Spouse - I tend to argue and fight more when I drink. And then next day, I feel like shit about myself because I feel tired and bloated and that affects my marriage. As stressful as life can be with two little boys, careers, friends and family, alcohol definitely gets in the way of my relationship.
  • Family - I feel so distracted sometimes and know I could be a better mother, wife, daughter if I wasn't trying to do a million things on a foggy brain.
  • Friends - I would like to connect more with people who mirror current goals and strengthen relationships with existing friends by being more present.
  • Finances - Drinking is an expensive habit. Now that I'm 40, I'm also pickier about what I drink. That means better bottles of wine, craft beer - and none of that is cheap. I cannot even imagine what I've spent to fund my drinking habit.
  • Work - I want to contribute in a positive way. These last few weeks of not drinking, my motivation, enthusiasm and creativity have soared.
  • Recreation - I like to take road trips, experience new things and I want to do these things alcohol free.
  • Spiritual and Personal Growth - Would love to dedicated more time meditating, reading and going to church. There have been too many Sundays to count where I had planned to go to church and didn't go because I was too lazy after a night of drinking wine. My kids are turning four next month and I really would like to get them in the habit of going to church - and that's all on me.

As you go through these areas, are there ways you could improve them through working on your addiction?