Day 16 - golf adventure!

So Day 16 is the longest I have been without alcohol with the exception of being pregnant. I have tried to do a 30-day or 100-day alcohol free challenge many times in the past, often caving after a week or so. But this time it feels different. I feel this in my bones - and I feel like God or sober karma always intervenes right before I cave.

Yesterday I was going to have a beer. I was definitely going to have a beer. We went to the mall to get lunch and shoes - and I know that sounds horrible for a Sunday. But when you  have small children you often wind up doing lots of things you never envisioned. haha!

When we got home, my husband was itching to play golf. But I told him that I wasn't going to entertain the kids for hours while he went to hit balls (yesterday we went through water balloons, bubbles, planes, trains and automobiles. It takes a village to entertain two four year olds without the aid of technology).

I was stressed and looking down the barrel of a whole afternoon entertaining the kids yet again by myself, when I started thinking, "If he goes to play golf, I'm buying a bottle of wine tonight."

But then he asked, "well why don't we all go and play 9 holes?"

I never golf. I am terrible at it. I can't even hit the ball and it's not fun for me. But I said, "O.K. sure"

So we all four went up to play golf. I got in one cart with one kid and my husband got in another cart with the other kid. And we all brought our clubs. And I hit the ball! I actually hit the ball well! I didn't play every hole of course. My husband did. Some holes, I just got out to practice a sand wedge or pitching wedge. My kids did the same or would just put when we got to the green. But I did it - and I had fun! I swear God was telling me, "just trust that this 100 day experiment will provide you so many opportunities if you just give it a chance."

I'm trying to strengthen my faith and my relationship with God and I have actively prayed for Him to help me complete this challenge to enjoy a sober adventure. And he is definitely sending me some great experiences because of this.

Usually if I even attempt to go to the driving range with my husband it ends up in tears and an argument. I haven't even picked up a club since I have had kids - so it's been well over four years. Probably more like five. And now here I am looking forward to going back out on the course with my husband and my kids to make memories. ha! Day 16 here I come.