Day 1 - Again and again and again!

Why can't I just stay sober for 100 days? I mean, is there that much stress in my life where I can't kick it? No! The answer is no! I don't live in a war torn country. I'm not suffering from ill health. I don't have to fight on the front lines every day to protect my country. I am a career woman, a mom of twins, an exercise enthusiast and also reliant on alcohol to get me through things some times.

And nothing has been too crazy for the reasons I have drank this week:

  • Girls night out - certainly didn't need it then. I was meeting a friend I always love to have conversations with!
  • At home after a long day - why didn't I try to meditate or do several pushups or just go for a walk? The kids were at preschool
  • At home when I wasn't feeling well - I was really tired

These are all doable situations that do not require the crack of a beer or a glass of wine. For goodness sakes! I will try try again.