The Sober Future is Bright

Brown Simple English Lesson Plan (1) Wow, I have no idea how I have missed almost a month of blogging. I certainly can tell when I'm not journaling or documenting my experiences.

But I want to make this a priority so I can look back and see how far I've come. And definitely want to share with others who may want to pursue a sober challenge or a sober life.

Anyway, I've started to majorly shift my beliefs about alcohol. And I can see it working. I'm reading books, blogs and joining sober challenges left and right - sometimes I think, "am I overdoing this?" But the answer for me is no.

By immersing myself in dialogue that contributes to a negative thought process about alcohol, my subconscious is definitely starting to get the hint. I'm undoing years and years - decades! - of programming that I need alcohol for everything:

  • to unwind
  • to have fun
  • to be social
  • to mourn
  • to grieve
  • to have fun
  • to celebrate
  • to enjoy the sunshine

On and on and on and on. But now I know that's not true and so now I get a pang for a beer (much like sometimes I get a pang for a cigarette and haven't smoked in more than 10 years) and I know it's just a pang. Nothing more. Not a need. Not a desire that needs to be filled.

I would never go run and grab a pack of cigarettes again. And now I'm starting to see that I would never go run and grab a six pack of beer or wine anymore to alleviate anything I'm feeling. There are just better ways for me.