Today I am thankful for another sober day under my belt

IMG_6543.JPG This was written in my gratitude journal last week but I wanted to share in case it may help someone!

The last few days I have won the battle over my inner voice to have a drink. The sensation is a physical one - I feel so much pressure and heat in my chest. And the battle in my mind is a back and forth volley between a good voice - and a nagging, irritable shrill demand for alcohol.

The wine witch/wolfie or whatever people call it - is a voice.

And I see a CRAZY parallel between my inner voice (when its telling me I need a drink) and my toddlers when they incessantly ask for something that I have already told them no to.

  • There are SO many times as a parent where I have just given in to whatever their demand was.
  • Seeing no end in sight.
  • Just wanting the nagging to go away.

But I know that's not good for the kids. And giving in to my inner wolfie/wine witch isn't good either.

Cravings, much like whining kiddos, are temporary situations.

If my kids are whining about something and I remain clam and just stay consistent in continuing to say no, eventually they concede. And so does my inner voice telling me that the only way I can relieve stress is by having a drink.