Sober Summer - Day 6

IMG_6644 From vacations to longer evenings and BBQs to boat rides, pretty much every summer activity is sold as better with a drink in hand.

So what are the main benefits of staying sober through it all for you??

What’s your WHY for wanting a #sobersummer in the first place?

For me, alcohol negatively affects me in every aspect. 

My sleep, my skin and my sanity are the very first things to immediately go.

My anxiety goes through the roof and I get irritable about everything under the summer sun!

But also:

  • I fight less with my husband when I don’t imbibe
  • I have way more energy and
  • I’m a much better listener

I am attending a birthday party this weekend at a BREWERY- so I need to remember my whys. Share your whys on the benefits of a sober summer here and keep them close to the vest as you venture out!