Be Prepared - Sober Tip and Tool Box

IMG_6329.JPG O.K So I'm back on Day 2 folks. This journey has had many ups and downs! Each time I break a sober streak, I don't like to start back at the beginning but I really feel like I have learned from each misstep.

I've pretty much learned how to get through stressful situations or unpleasant situations (temper tantrums, feeling overwhelmed with work/life balance, fight with husband, etc.). I had a lot of practice - and Day 1s! - figuring it all out and "thinking through the drink."

My latest hurdle (and reason for being back at Day 2) was a simple beer at the pool. It was a nice sunny Sunday. We were hanging out with friends and I decided to crack open a can of beer.

I didn't have a second one. I felt irritable and tired the rest of the day but it taught me that I have to prepare for the Good Days and Sunshine too!

O.K. So tonight we are going to watch fireworks for July 4.

I need to prepare tonight so I'm going to:

  • Visualize myself enjoying the fireworks and enjoying water and saying no to alcohol and crawling into bed without a drop of alcohol.
  • I'm going to think about those who inspire me - like some of my favorite authors of sober success stories (Clare Pooley, Bex Weller and Elizabeth Vargas)
  • PREPARE - what am I going to say tonight when someone asks me if I want a drink:
    • No thanks, I'm not drinking tonight
    • No thanks, I'm doing a sober challenge
    • No thank you
    • No, not for me thanks

Someone on Instagram suggested "I'm a retired professional" which is fun. But I'm going to head on over there, enjoy the fireworks with the kiddos and just say no!