I deserve a drink - Sober Day 3

I am changing_ _I deserve a drink_.png Enjoyed the fireworks last night as a sober lady. This time last year I probably would have been chasing down my husband to order me another gin and tonic.

I was able to enjoy watching the boys enjoy the fireworks and being present in the moment. I got a few cute pictures.

My thought process is slowly changing. I want freedom from thinking about a drink at every freaking turn. Right now I am wired to think about alcohol:

  • When I'm sad
  • When I'm tired
  • When I'm happy
  • When I'm celebrating success
  • When I'm dealing with disappointment

Enough already! I want to change my story. And the story I tell my children. I want to be comfortable in the skin I'm in and not constantly seek out something to make me feel different.

So last night it was easy for me. I was offered a beer once and just said, "no thanks." But I want to get to the point where people KNOW I don't drink and don't even ask.

Happy July 4th!