Day 9 - sober and stronger

IMG_7051 So I've been here before. I've reached week two without alcohol and have seen the self-confidence slowly coming back. My sleep and skin improving. I've had this "high on life" kind of feeling before on this sober journey and somehow, some way always sneak in a glass of wine. It usually happens on Day 14 or Day 15.

But I'm determined to keep going and keep this journey afloat. I'm just more prepared and aware this time around.

Yesterday, because I was wine free and not chasing my next drink, I went out with the boys to look for rabbits before bedtime (to be honest, it was WAY after their bedtime but it's summer so....).

I'm at the lake this week with my parents and the boys. We didn't see any rabbits but I noticed the sunset and the boys got SO excited about the "orange sky" they wanted to run back in and tell my parents.

Imagine the joy and purity of being so excited about a sunset that you want to share it with other people you love. So I ran back in to get my parents and then grabbed my phone.

It was awesome. I wonder if I would have noticed the sky or would have suggested looking for rabbits before bedtime if I was half a bottle into the wine. Would I have been rushing them to bed? Or been irritated that I couldn't pour another glass?

I don't know. But I'm so glad we witnessed this sunset. A

P.S. (what do you think that bright thing of light is in the top left? Someone said they thought it was a planet or space station. Is that possible?)