Day 10 - checking in

Since we are at the lake this week, it's been a nice change of pace and really easy to just be sober. My parents would drink wine with me if I initiated it - we'd usually blow through a bottle a night but now I realize that they have really shared like two glasses of wine the whole week so far. So now it makes me realize that it was me who was blowing through the wine. Duh.

I did pick up some St. Regis rose - but it made me feel a little hungover the next day. It may not have been that but I had a headache and my stomach was queasy. It could have been that I didn't sleep well either.

Last night one of my boys developed a low grade fever and wanted to go to bed at 7:15. Which, that just is not typical in the land of four-year olds. He started getting so hot to the touch so I ran out and got him some Children's Tylenol and my mom patted him down with a cool washcloth. This was about 9 p.m.

I couldn't help but think that if I was half a bottle in the wine, I may have missed something. I don't know? But I was glad to be sober and help soothe him. The first few hours he slept like crapola but I was there by his bedside sober as a bird and there for him. Present.

Not like I need a pat on the back for being there for my kids. I just am thinking out loud.

Anyways, I stayed up until 1 a.m. (so not typical!) watching the entire first series of Younger, a t.v. show about a 40-year old who passes for a 26-year old and dates this super cute guy with arm tattoos. It's fun and cute and I loved it. Really funny distraction since I was laying on the floor next to the boys making sure they knew I was there if they needed me.

Happy Hump Day!