day 22 - I am afraid of pretty much everything!

So I'm trying to read through a Gabrielle Bernstein book and one of the first exercises is being a witness to your fears. I am going to be honest, I really was not the inspirational/aspirational quotes kind of person before I started 100daysofsober on Instagram...and I wasn't really that into self help books, meditating or EFT, but I feel like there is something to it. Stress triggers my fear. My fear of not being a good enough mom. My fear of making the wrong decisions in my life. My fear of working too much - or not enough. My fear that this is it for the rest of my life.

Don't get me wrong, I really am enjoying this little slice of life right now. We are all healthy and fed and get to experience fun stuff together. But I can't help but feel there is something more I need to be doing. A different career path? Making more of a difference in the world? Inspiring other women?

Fear affects my behavior in such a negative way. I turn into an angry person because I am paralyzed and feel overwhelmed.

Anyway this probably doesn't make any sense to anyone but I want to really start journaling a bit more. I'm heading into Day 23 and I'm not going to lie. The days are going really slowly. Maybe it's because it's summer but I keep thinking, "just buy a bottle of Chardonnay" but I know "nothing changes if nothing changes" so I'm going to keep plugging along. xoxo