Alcohol Free Beach Vacation - part 1

O.K. So we drove to the beach yesterday for a long weekend. It was a pretty annoying day. We had a four hour drive and it started to rain on our way down there. When we got there, we went to an alligator adventure, which was mildly entertaining but everyone was just kind of tired and in a craptastic mood.

My husband - who is a wee bit high maintenance and not so much self aware of his downfalls at times (bless him) had his heart set on some restaurant that was literally 25 minutes away. I feel like a 25 minute drive at the beach to eat seafood is a bit of a ridiculous need, no? We are not fine dining it with two four year olds, but alas this is what we pursued as part of our great beach adventure.

This wouldn't have been a problem if we had eaten recently, if it hadn't been 7 o'clock at night, if it wasn't busy as crap in the middle of summer vacation to a highly flocked to beach town and had two small kids in tow.

My husband asked the bartender if we could sit at the outside tiki bar. She said yes, to my horror. That's kind of my personal pet peeve. I don't think kids should be at the bar. And I used to be a bartender in college and it used to annoy me way back then. I hated having two kids and a sober lady taking up seats at the bar when other people are literally waiting to sit down to have a drink. Plus, it's tacky. We had an absolute dinosaur of a local beach bum sitting next to us chain smoking like literally blowing smoke in our faces. It's cool. It's his territory and we're at the bar. I get it.

But my husband insisted and he can be annoyingly assertive so we just rolled with it...for an hour and a half we waited to get fried food (I could laugh out loud at this if it wasn't so annoying). I also spilled my soda water and the bartender was so busy I never got another one so, not only did I not drink alcohol, I didn't drink anything else either!

But OF COURSE it takes an hour and a half to get a hot dog and hush puppies. And of course my kids start melting down. I was about to meltdown. It was just an all around horrible idea. But that's life. And I endured it and we all survived and went back to the hotel. And I'm happy to report I remained alcohol free.

End of story. Success overall


The bartender accidentally made a bloody Mary with house vodka, instead of Tito's so she asked if I wanted a free bloody Mary. I easily said "no thank you" - but a year ago I would have greedily sucked it down. Another man's trash is another man's treasure!