Oh Bother! High Expectations for Winnie The Pooh

IMG_7538 🍿 E X P E C T A T I O N S 🍿


Last night we went to see the Christopher Robin movie. It’s blazing hot here and we were all looking forward to eating popcorn and snuggling together.

The boys brought their Pooh’s that they’ve had since birth. That they sleep with every night.

I snapped a few pictures to document this precious moment AND the guacamole hit the fan before the previews even stopped (WHY are there 30 minutes of commercials and previews for a kids movie? I don’t even have the patience or attention span for that!).

The kids got all wound up and started throwing their Pooh’s everywhere. Over the aisles and through Hundred Acre Wood.

They weren’t using their “inside voices” and when I tried to tell them to be quiet in a low whisper; they screamed “I can’t hear you!”  We left after we got shushed by a few folks.  🤣

Cheese and rice. That experience did not meet up to my expectations AT ALL. I pictured a Norman Rockwell painting and we got a comedy of errors instead.

Just a nice reminder that things won’t always go the way you planned. And you don’t need alcohol to cope with minor disappointments in life. In my own experience, it just makes things worse. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Christopher Robin, we will catch you on a DVD coming soon!