40 things to do when you want a glass of wine 🍷

#thisis40 ✨ celebrating 40 days on my sober journey. For those needing inspiration, I made a list of 40 things to do instead of reach for a glass of wine. What did I miss? Image courtesy of @magnoliakitchen

1. Pray

2. Visualize success

3. Meditate

4. Exercise

5. Drink a non alcoholic beer

6. Make a mocktail

7. Read a sober success story

8. Envision the person you want to be

9. Reach out for support on Instagram

10. Find a way to be accountable

11. Get alcohol out of the house

12. Get a massage

13. Take a nap

14. Make a coffee drink

15. Go for a walk

16. EFT

17. Walk a dog

18. Play a game with your kids

19. Think through the drink and how you will feel the next day

20. Drink a glass of water

21. Do 10 push-ups

22. Journal

23. Read a good book

24. List out your whys

25. Find a mentor

26. Join a support group

27. Go to an AA meeting

28. Call a friend

29. Write a letter

30. Share your story

31. Bake a cake

32. Eat a cake 🎂

33. Go to a movie

34. Dance

35. Make a list of what you are grateful for

36. Make a list on the benefits of not drinking

37. Sing a song

38. Read poetry

39. Memorize bible verses

40. Believe in yourself