Sobriety Delivers everything Alcohol Promised

sobriety recovery quote.jpg

How powerful is this quote?

When I saw the quote above on Instagram, I knew I had to share.

You see, for me, my life had turned into a dependency on alcohol. I thought I needed wine for:

  • Relaxation

  • Celebration

  • Rest

  • Self-Care

  • Entertainment

  • Happiness

But I've learned that - without alcohol - I can do all those things (and more!) in a truly authentic manner.

  • I have less anxiety

  • I have more motivation

  • I am kinder

I feel like a sponge that is soaking up inspiration, love and support all around! 

The truth is, alcohol had stripped me of self-confidence, while also giving me a dose of anxiety and uneasiness in everything I did. I have been meditating more, praying more and connecting with people more. I reach out to people to let them know I am thinking of them. I am happier. Confident. At peace.

What is alcohol taking from you that sobriety may be able to provide? Just something to think about. xoxo Kim


  1. Say your Daily Mantra "I am sober." whenever you have a chance.

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  3. Send any questions you may have to me at I want us all to have a successful Sober October so let me know how I can help.