30-Day Sobriety Solution + The Time Travel Technique!

Day 29 Time travel technique.jpg

Hi everyone! Happy Monday and Day 29 of Sober October.

I apologize for being absent for the last few days. This weekend I celebrated my 11th wedding anniversary! I had every intention of drafting emails and sending them over the weekend - but I accidentally left my computer at home.

I guess it was a divine intervention to just relax and enjoy the beautiful area of Asheville with my husband and friends (who were also celebrating their anniversary!).

11th anniversary.jpg

Celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary in Asheville, NC

Anyway, on the ride up there I was emailing back and forth with Martha, a participant of Sober October, and she mentioned that she had completed the 30-day sobriety solution earlier this year. I had never heard of this book or program - so, of course, purchased it over the weekend. I love trying new approaches and going through new programs, especially as they address dealing with alcohol.

30-day sobriety solution.jpg

Day 1 addresses the importance of journaling, accepting your responsibility for your responses to events (see equation below) while also completing the Time Travel Technique. It's so interesting and I loved completing it!

30-day sobriety solution equation.jpg

Your reaction to every event controls the outcome. Focus on creating a new response for every event!

I know if I continued down the path of regular drinking, in five years time I would still be tired, weathered looking, disappointed in myself for not trying hard enough to reach my goals of embracing society. Alternatively, if I continue on a path of making good decisions surrounding alcohol (which will prevent me to spiraling back to drinking every day and for every reason), my skin will continue to improve, I will make better decisions to care for my body - and I will have the energy, love and confidence to be a better parent, wife and friend. Additionally, I know that I will reach my goals of becoming an author, motivational speaker, well-known parent and mommy blogger and part of a community that promotes the benefits of sobriety and embracing an alcohol-free lifestyle.

If you try the Time Travel Technique (from the public YouTube Video), let me know what you think! Have a great Monday! xoxo Kim

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