The day mommy gave up wine

Meet our puppy Elvis (named after Elvis Presley, of course!). The kids love listening to his music and - well, he loves playing in the mud….


As a mother of young children, I got in a bad habit.

  • A habit where I poured a glass of wine when the kids started crying.

  • A habit where I opened a bottle of Chardonnay after enduring a series of temper tantrums between my twin boy toddlers.

  • A habit where I felt I deserved a treat after doing three loads of laundry, two loads of dishes, wiping two bottoms and house training our eight-week old puppy, Elvis.

  • A habit where every time I met with a mom friend, I suggested we commiserate over wine.

I realized one day that I had zero - ZERO POINT ZERO! (this is a Howard Stern reference, not an Animal House reference, FYI) - skills other than drinking wine to relieve my stress.

  • (P.S. I realize I am seriously blessed but sometimes it DOES get stressful raising twin boys, a puppy and juggling two small businesses!).

    I started to wonder what would happen if I began adding other tools to the toolbox when I was stressed??

  • What if I learned to cope with uncomfortable emotions without reaching for wine?

  • What would that look like?

So fast forward about six months to the present day. I have been working hard to add new tools to my toolbox. To feel ALL THE FEELS. And to deal with everyday stressors without just drowning them in craptastic Cabernet.

Today I want to share FIVE tips that will help during stressful moments.

I actually used these techniques - including a breathing, grounding and gratitude exercise - TODAY when the puppy bit through my styrofoam cup FULL of Chick-Fil-a Diet Lemonade and spilled it everywhere. (I didn’t take a picture of that but thought the muddy Elvis picture would be a good substitute!).

Get INSTANT ACCESS to full details here: These five tried and true tips REALLY do work in a pinch and are all natural and alcohol free!

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