Goal planning and January RESET alcohol-free challenge

with my Powersheets!

with my Powersheets!

This time last year I was filling out a goal planner (Lara Casey’s #Powersheets to be exact!).

In the planning, she asks you to do a Cultivated Life Evaluation, where you look at key categories in your life (faith, fitness, family, work, free time, finances and friends).

Y’all. I’m here to tell you trust alcohol was negatively affecting EVERY SINGLE AREA - some more than others.

I had wanted to live an alcohol free lifestyle leading up to this (or at least try it for an extended timeframe) but this was the catalyst I needed.

To see these major categories in front of me -that are so crucial to a quality of life - that could be changed so dramatically over one single decision.

I wasn’t successful right off the bat. But I built off little successes and learning lessons throughout the year - until it finally stuck in July for good.

If you are looking to enjoy, embrace and rock an alcohol free lifestyle, this blog and the online sober community in general is a great place to start!

If you feel like you need a little more support, then I invite you to join me on the 30-day reset challenge I’ve created that begins TOMORROW!

Each day you’ll receive an email with inspiration and a lesson with action steps on how to complete the day’s assignment. You’ll also receive a daily mantra and additional links for support, as well as access to a Private Facebook group where you can interact with other members.

I’ll also host group calls during the month of January. Happy New Year, everyone! Kim

P.S. Don’t forget to click here if you’re ready to RESET your relationship with alcohol. The 30-day online program is only $29!