No more Monday morning anxiety on Sundays!

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I enjoyed such a great weekend with friends and family. I sure do complian when things are stressful so I need to also take time out to share when things seem to go right.

I used to have a tremendous weight on Sundays evenings because of a former public relations client.

A pit in my chest. Nervous about anything and everything.

  • What barrage of crazy emails would I have flooding my inbox on Monday morning?

  • Or what unexpected new and out-of-the-blue projects would be placed on my shoulders at work because of someone else’s problems?

One of my former clients used to call me “the miracle worker” - I was always someone’s go to person to clean up projects or get things done and I was proud of that nickname.

But now, I have let that client go and it has made ALL the difference in my attitude, perspective and motivation to try new things. I have more energy to spend with my children and the energy to dig into new and exciting ideas. I’m more concerned about being a “miracle worker” for my own family and passions!

I feel so free and excited for Monday!

I have:

paired down



I don’t say yes to anything and everything. I’m no longer looking for gold stars from those who don’t matter. And I’m sharing this because I know how hard it is to hold on to something that is comfortable - but that IT IS possible to take chances and let go of things that no longer serve you - whether it be a habit, a client, a friendship or a commitment.

What goals do you have for yourself and what things are you willing to let go of to get closer to your dreams?