Day 86 and milestone moment!

These past 86 days have given me so many experiences to reflect on. I’m really proud of changing habits and not falling back into things “just because it’s what I’ve always done.”

Mom Brain

I shared this funny photo on Instagram but also with a note that I am celebrating Day 86 of the 100 Days of Sober Challenge!

I’ve been attending a conference for the past two days. I was so nervous to check into the hotel! Hotels are usually where I love to order room service and wine and enjoy the quiet away from family.

But not this time. I ordered room service and opted for soda water. I’ve woken up early both days (which is typical because I usually can’t sleep in a hotel room) and have had a productive couple of days.

There are definitely some work trips I can remember being pretty hungover - going to trade shows or events and just not giving it my all.

This conference is a motivational/goal setting intensive workshop and I am super thankful to be clearheaded and sober during it all.

Just a reminder that you CAN CHANGE. Decide to CHANGE. Whatever is on your heart, you’ve got this.