Start enjoying YOU

Start enjoying You.jpg

Well that didn’t take long. The shiny new goals, crisp and clean calendar pages and promise of new ways of living have started to wear off and fade.

And it’s no surprise to me! While secretly I had hoped that the excitement of a new year would hang on for just a big longer, this is just a good reminder to me that there is no magic connected with the January 1 date. We have the chance to start over or improve ourselves at any given moment.

I get caught up in a New Year, A New You! messaging. I imagine myself being a completely perfect, shining soul beginning promptly at 12:01 a.m. on January 1 - but by 9:30 that same morning, I’ve already lost my temper (broke my I’m a patient person resolution), had milk with my coffee (broke my Whole 30 resolution) and have complained about something that doesn’t warrant complaining about (broke my I am brilliantly and abundantly grateful resolution).

I have been battling a cold for the last few days (woe is me!) and I’ve been in a funk.

  • I haven’t been writing in my gratitude journal

  • haven’t been meditating

  • haven’t been reading my daily devotionals

And I KNOW that all these things help improve my outlook on life, help me improve my perspective. So this morning (after a fitful night’s sleep on cough medicine and stuffy sinuses), I woke up and told myself,

You have the power to make this day whatever you want it to be.

  • So, I wrote in my gratitude journal.

  • I prayed. I prayed with thankfulness but also asked God to help me with my negative thought patterns

  • I meditated and envisioned a bright light white surrounding me with peace and positivity

  • I went for a walk

  • I read my devotional

And I feel a lot better. Today’s devotional encouraged me to “Start Enjoying You.”

This is so timely and always a great reminder that we shouldn’t set our hopes, happiness and heavenly sights on the end goal. I see my children get a new toy - and for the next 30 minutes they are in heaven. They are happy and easily entertained. But just as easily as that joy comes, so does boredom of the new, shiny object.

So it’s a great reminder to me to enjoy me today! I can strive to be a better person. I can strive to accomplish great goals but I must find content with myself in the day to day journey - rather than chasing bright and shiny objects and depending on them to make me happy.

Just wanted to share. xo Kim