Same circumstances, different response!

inspirational quote

Same circumstances - different response = CRUCIAL when it comes to seeing our own personal growth and development.

I want to share a text from a friend the other week:

I just wanted to let you know you have inspired me. DS has been sick all week. DH and I are in a huge fight. Been juggling kids, doctors appointments, work, etc.

Normally I would booze it every night to deal with the stress. But I haven't! I'm like you know what, this is life and drinking wine all night isn’t going to change the fact that all this sucks. It will get better and I need to remember that instead of focusing on the negative.

It makes my heart so happy - not that she chose not to drink alcohol when she was stressed. She’s an adult and can drink whenever she wants!

It’s just that it’s nice to have more conversations about the fact that it’s more than ok - and healthy and normal - to not meet every situation with a drink in our hands. 

That alcohol doesn’t always have to be the “go to solution” for the end of every bad day (or good day or boring day or sad day or frustrating day). We can find other ways to navigate all the ups and downs and in betweens that life has to offer.