Headed down memory lane

The Bald Head Island Incident

Several years ago my husband and I traveled to Bald Head Island in North Carolina for a long weekend to celebrate a friend’s wedding.

We rented a house on the small island with 10 other friends.

I’m drinking water in this picture - because the night before I went crazy with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.

We stayed up ALL night drinking. And FYI I have a super fun feature about myself that, the more I drink, the louder and nasally I get.

We were so loud we kept one of our other friends - who had just had a baby several months earlier and was looking forward to her first trip out of town without the baby - awake all night. 

She was planning on a few good nights of sleep, and we were so loud talking nonsense and listening to music at decibel 22 that she couldn’t get to sleep,We didn’t even realize we were being so loud.

She was so pissed the next day and I pretty much hid from her during ALL the weekend activities.

Anyway, I tried to smile through everything the next day but I felt so unbelievably sick and tired.

I finally gave up early in the evening - while everyone else was at another rental house watching football and having fun - and took a golf cart back to where we were staying. 

I offered to take a friend’s son back who was about 12 at the time.

The island is not hard to navigate - but I’m terrible with directions on a good day. So you can imagine my horror when the boy told me that we had just passed by the house we just left.

I was so HUNG that I had driven in a complete circle and didn’t even notice. (Imagine how humbling it is to receive directional advice from a little boy on a tiny island which boasts a population of less than 300 people!)


It was a great weekend trip overall. But let’s be honest, I wish I hadn’t made myself so sick that I could have enjoyed the next day. I wish I hadn’t been so rude to piss off a friend. I wish I hadn’t bailed the next day and gotten schooled by a kid. Just a reminder that there may be a story you don’t know about behind the smile in the picture. xx Kim