The benefits of not drinking - realized by Huffington Post writer who completed Whole30

Jamie Feldman.jpg

Words matter. Sharing your experience matters. Sometimes I think that maybe I should stop sharing the benefits I have realized by not drinking. I start to devalue sharing my experience with women who are wanting to achieve the same in their lives.

And then I read this Huffington Post article, written by Jamie Feldman, and it reminded me how we need to keep talking about the reduced anxiety, happier mood and other mind and body benefits realized when we remove alcohol from the equation.

She completed Whole30 this past January and made a connection between how excessive alcohol intake affects anxiety, panic attacks, strength during workouts and productivity.

But the 30 days I spent going out less, making plans with friends to do things other than drink or meeting friends who were drinking and choosing not to drink myself were illuminating. I suddenly had more time to read, more time to watch movies, more time to be alone in my thoughts and as a result, more time to be comfortable with hearing them.

And while she admits that she isn’t interested in denying the occasional fancy cocktail or glass of red wine she enjoys, this experience has made her more mindful about her drinking choices - and not just drinking “just to drink.” I love these stories. Everyone’s experience with alcohol is different - but I believe there are tremendous benefits that can be realized by anyone who takes a break. What do you think?