Sober Spring - Day 1 (Get alcohol out of the house!)

Catherine Gray is hosting a fabulous online effort titled Sober Spring to introduce the benefits of sobriety or alcohol-free living to those who are sober curious, ready to try something new or just fed up breaking the promises they make to themselves - only to end up drinking too much, over eating, sleeping like crap and waking up a sweaty, regretful mess (can you tell I’ve been there before)?!

I want to get back into writing and documenting. This past winter was kind of tough for me. I was feeling low and anxious and distracted but now I’m back on track and wanting to continue to contribute to this community that has helped me realize the benefits that sobriety brings me. I feel I can continue to grow in this space and so now I’m following along with Catherine has she graciously provides her insight on how to achieve sobriety in a society that celebrates numbing at every chance we get.

Her thoughts on Day 1 is to get alcohol out of the house completely.

  • Pour it out

  • Throw it out

  • Pass it off to a neighbor or family member

  • And for goodness sake’s don’t buy it and bring it in the home!

I made the last mistake once when I had bough two bottles of Chardonnay as hostess gifts. I wasn’t drinking at the time - maybe had two weeks under my belt - and proceeded to drink said wine the night I brought it home.

  • Time and time again I read articles that focus on the fact that willpower is not an ever-flowing resource to us humans. The more willpower we exert, the more decision-making fatigue we experience - leading us to hit the all encompassing F#K IT BUTTON. I’ve been good ALL DAY but I just made a bad decision so F*#K IT.

  • Out of sight out of mind is a pretty accurate statement when it comes to candy and loved ones (for some) so it stands to reason that alcohol would offer the same effect.

  • For me it’s not possible to throw out ALL. THE. ALCOHOL. My husband still drinks. But his drink of choice is bourbon or IPAs, which is not my thing.

Really happy for Catherine of the success she has achieved and am proud that she has introduced sober spring to those who are interested.