From excuses to empowerment

Last week someone mentioned to me that, while they feel great when they aren’t drinking, they try to avoid questions about why they aren’t drinking when they are out in public.

I posed this question to the IG Community:

What do you say when people ask why you aren’t drinking? Do you try to avoid this question?

And I will admit, usually when people ask for advice on how to handle those questions, I rattle off a litany of excuses they could share:

  • Alcohol gives me anxiety so I am taking a break

  • I sleep better when I don’t drink

  • I am on medication

  • I have to wake up early tomorrow

And while those may be completely true responses, some women chimed in and said that we shouldn’t be making excuses, nor should we be avoiding why we aren’t drinking.

We should be embracing those questions because this is a conversation that should be talked about more! We should be empowered by our decisions that make us feel, look and live better.

I’m so glad I posed this question because my own perspective has shifted - and I wanted to share. xo kim

P.S. if you are ready to take a break from alcohol, be sure to download this FREE five-step guide to Rethink The Way You Drink