28-day gratitude challenge

Day 1 of the #GR8TFUL28 Gratitude Challenge

gratitude weekly Been reading about the many benefits of cultivating gratitude in one's life. I am not great at journaling (hence the reason why I'm trying to maintain this blog), but when Gr8tful_yogi asked me to join her on hosting a Gratitude Challenge for the month of July, I thought this would be a great opportunity to try to journal and keep in mind ALL the wonderful things I have in this life.

Comparison is the thief of joy and, therefore, I am grateful for the following today:

  • Feeling really great lately. I have lots of energy, my skin has cleared up and I'm feeling pretty productive with work, maintaining a home life, connecting with the children, etc. I know I take for granted my health a lot and am just grateful that my body and mind are feeling good.
  • Enjoying the summer with my boys. Before the boys' preschool got out for the season, I looked at each week of the summer and tried to plan out some fun things for us all to do. I want summer to feel a little different for the boys - so I booked and scheduled a beach trip, a few trips to the lake and some summer camps. I'm making playdates with friends and their children and - while the schedule is not overly detailed - it's been nice to do different things and experience new activities together.
  • Grateful for a long weekend/week. This week marks the beginning of the July 4 holiday. I've already noticed that work is slowing down a bit and project assignments are slowing down. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work - but to have the luxury of a little more time with the kiddos is always a plus.

What are you grateful for this fabulous Sunday?

#GR8TFUL28 Gratitude Challenge On Instagram


If you are sober curious, trying to complete a sober challenge for any length of time or are sober and looking for a tribe, Instagram has the most supportive people from all over the world who are ready to join in your conversations about moderation, abstaining, being sober for two days or two decades.

In the day and age where everything online seems to have a bunch of hateful comments attached to even the most heartwarming stories, I've found a wonderfully positive little slice that is the IG Sober Community?

@GR8TFUL_YOGI asked if I wanted to join her on hosting a 28-day Gratitude Challenge during the month of July.

Each day, we'll focus on a different prompt - and we'll share all seven prompts for the week so you can review and start thinking about what you may want to share!

According to Happify Daily, the best way to reap the benefits of gratitude is to notice new things you’re grateful for every day. "Gratitude journaling works because it slowly changes the way we perceive situations by adjusting what we focus on."

So let's dive in, share inspiring quotes from others who practice gratitude and get started. Don't forget to use #gr8tful28 to participate and tag @GR8TFUL_YOGI and @100DAYSOFSOBER to join in on the fun. We are working on some fun prizes for those who complete all 28 days. Stay tuned! There's more to come!