Gabrielle Bernstein

What Would Gabby Bernstein Do?

Do you know of Gabby Bernstein?

If you're not familiar, she is sophisticated, beautiful, well-spoken and oh, a New York Times best-selling author. (keep this in mind, because we'll get back to Gabby shortly!)

Someone mentioned to me recently that - while they feel less anxiety, reduced depression and 100% proud of themselves when they don't drink, they sometimes fall back to bad habits because of wanting "to avoid people's questions around why they aren't drinking."

First things first: I think we need to do a better job of supporting women who take the steps to make decisions that lead to them living healthier lifestyles.

If the only thing that is holding us back when it comes to not drinking is someone else's opinion, then I think it's important to remember that we cannot put other people's comfort or happiness above our own.

Because there is a cost associated with doing that. The cost of our internal peace and the cost of our happiness.

So back to Gabby. When I'm in a situation where I think "oh I'm the odd man out" or "there's a new girl here who must think I'm so boring because I'm not drinking" - I literally channel Gabby and ask myself: What would Gabby do?

"Gabby would be here looking fabulous and owning the fact that she is drinking water at a party! She is glamorous, sophisticated and doesn't need to drink!"

So my question for you is: Is there someone you admire and respect who doesn't drink alcohol that you could look up to when you aren't feeling so confident in your decision not to drink?

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Sober October Day 2 - Meditation

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Welcome to Day 2 of Sober October!

Whether you are a seasoned veteran at this practice or new to it, I'd love to explore the benefits of meditation today. I have personally seen how it has changed my emotional and physical states through my own sober journey - and am thrilled that there are so many studies and research to back up the good-for-you feelings that so many have discovered on their own.

Healthline article cited that a recent science-based study showed that meditation could even help with addictions:

"Meditation develops mental discipline and willpower and can help you avoid triggers for unwanted impulses. This can help you recover from addiction, lose weight and redirect other unwanted habits."

The same article reported the following 12 benefits of meditation:

Benefits of Meditating.jpg


My personality tends to thrive on stress and having a lot to do. And I used to find it more than difficult to even attempt to calm down my mind. Even taking a yoga class was a stretch for me because I thought I wasn't moving enough, doing enough, exerting enough energy!

Meditating has helped my sober journey simply because I'm more mindful of the reasons behind my decisions and motivations to do things. I'm no longer on auto pilot and therefore no longer relying on old habits to get me through. I have the luxury of taking a step back to make a decision and evaluate whether or not it's a good one for the goals I've set for myself.

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Looking for a meditation that is right for you? You may want to try:

  • Gabrielle Bernstein - This is such a timely note because today she announced she is celebrating 13 years of sobriety!! You can visit her post here to see her must-have tools in her sober toolbox. Many of her mediation albums are available on Amazon Music - and a few are free with an Amazon Prime Membership. My favorite Album is 2010 Gabrielle Bernstein Meditations and the Vision Track (number 8) is SURE to get you pumped for the day!

  • Headspace App Headspace has a plethora of options to explore for everyone from the novice to the seasoned pro! I've used the running meditation, the morning meditation and have also completed a series of basic programs for the beginner.

  • Calm - Calm is also a great resource. I've used the meditations and mindfulness practices there to help get to sleep and end the day on a relaxing note.


  • Morning Handover Meditation (from Meditations for Alcoholics). Grace at Meditations for Alcoholics provided their popular "Morning Handover" that includes reflections on Steps 1 through 3 and also the third step prayer. PLEASE NOTE: Don't worry if you do not identify as an alcoholic or do not practice the 12 steps in Alcoholics Anonymous! It can still be beneficial for you if you give it a try! Also, the recording appears as if it's 17 minutes long, but it really only is a 10-minute meditation. Decide you can make the time for a meditation practice and go for it!

  • Here is a note from Grace at Mediations for Alcoholics who graciously shared this meditation. Here she shares her story on why she created a series of meditations specifically for people with an alcohol addiction.

WOW! I hope this fills up your sober toolbox full of good things to explore.


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Much love and success for Day 2! xoxo Kim