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Q&A with Karolina from Euphoric Alcohol Free (Day 24: Sober October!)

Day 26 Q&A with Karolina at Euphoric AF.jpg

Today I'm really excited to share a Q&A with Karolina Rzadkowlolska!

Karolina is a wellness blogger who shares the joys of an alcohol-free lifestyle with her audience. Based in San Diego, she provides alternative drink ideas and is currently writing a book about the many benefits sobriety brings.

Today, she's sharing her story on how she found so much happiness once she left alcohol behind. She's been featured on Tell Better Stories AND Greatist and I am so thankful that she agreed to share:

  • The physical, spiritual and emotional benefits she experiences by choosing to lead a sober life

  • Why self-actualization is one of the best pieces of being alcohol free

  • Some soft cocktail (mocktail or sans cocktail!) recipes for autumn

In this Q&A she addresses the "moderation illusion" that many of us have when trying to limit our alcohol intake and describes her foray into an alcohol-free lifestyle as a "health and soul-conscious decision" - which I LOVE.

Karolina Q&A.jpg

You can read the full interview here.

I'd love to hear what you think! And again, many thanks to Karolina for participating in this Sober October challenge.


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  5. Happy Day 24 of Sober October!