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Slaying Your Weekend Warrior

Bare Organics (2) O.K. So I downloaded Slaying Your Weekend Warrior - and I like the idea of a workbook incorporated into overall product. My first assignment for the first two weeks (on day 6) and I'm logging it here.

  • How do I feel right now? Nervous, optimistic for the opportunities a 100% sober life will bring. But nervous because I have had so many day 1s before.
  • What problems have I encountered because of my habitual drinking routines? Lack of energy, irritability, fights with my husband, dumping money down the drain, mindless eating, crappy sleep...
  • When did I start drinking and why? I think I was 15. I was living in Germany and the drinking age was 16. I was curious. I got sick off Amaretto. I never thought of not drinking because it's always been important for me to blend in - or at least fit in (if there is a difference).
  • Why do I want to stop There's just no good reason to drink anymore. I'm 41. I want to keep my health. I want to sleep better. I want to be a good example for my sons. I want to feel confident and shake my anxiety. I want to *maybe* inspire other mommys or women out there who are wondering if Wine O'Clock is really helping them in their lives. I want better clarity. Better productivity. More positivity in my life. My workouts are better. I rarely fight with my husband when I haven't had wine.
  • Where do I see myself in four months if I continue to drink? In the same place I am now. Trying to string a few sober days together and then giving in for a glass of wine. And then being frustrated at myself for giving in.
  • Where do I see myself in four months if I extinguish alcohol in my life? Full of life, vibrancy and positivity. Perhaps even be in a position to help other people and inspire others! :)

O.K. Here we go.