The Day I Had Sushi without Sake

Bare Organics (1).png Well, well, well. Here we are at Day 8 and I must say it's nice to get a solid week under my belt.

I can't say that motherhood has been easy this week.

Starting the Day Screaming - One of my boys has just been starting and ending the days with major meltdowns. It's a freaking good time.

When I get stressed from the whining and crying, I imagine my body filling up with bright, clear liquid. It's a visualization technique I learned from the Headspace app. It helps and I don't reach for the bottle of wine.

Boredom at Work - I have been doing the SAME thing for my clients for almost 10 years. I think I'm pretty good at what I do but I'm dying to try something else where I can apply my talents in a different way besides doing day-to-day PR activities. I'm just bored - so I've invested in a 90-day coaching program and have purchased a few templates/best practices workshops to try my hand at building a more diversified revenue stream. I'm nervous and scared and it puts me out there a little more which is frightening but now that I have so much time on my hands - without hangovers and shoving wine down my throat, I figured I'd make good use of the extra space to work with.

Legal issues - One of the bloggers (I manage influencer activities for a fashion retailer) we work  with for a brand has violated their terms of agreements and my client is bringing in their legal team. This is the last thing I want to deal with. I don't like the litigious nature at all and I hate that I'm in the middle. Funny enough, I am also involved in a copyright infringement case for another business I manage. But I believe these will get sorted out without too much heartache. But still. It's an excuse to tap the bottle and I haven't even been tempted.

O.K. So last night I had a date night with the husband. We sat at the bar. We ALWAYS sit at the bar. It's our thing - my husband is a chatty kathy and loves to talk to the bartender, the people sitting next to us, the wait staff. Basically anyone but me! haha. But we went to a sushi place we really like. Normally, I would have a few beers or glasses of wine and then beg my husband to get a large sake with Chambord. I love it! Or used to. I wasn't even tempted once. I enjoyed two tall glasses of soda water with lime and all is good in the world.

Tonight we are going to James Taylor - and it will be only fitting that I'm sober to watch a fellow sober human share his craft. xoxo Happy Weekend folks