south carolina state park

Day 15 - New Sober Adventure to Paris Mountain!

We had a wonderful Sober Adventure Saturday as a family yesterday! We drove to Paris Mountain and walked the nature trail. We saw turtles and ducks and the boys did great. I only had to carry one of them the last few hundred feet or so.

There was a little playground that the boys had all to themselves and we enjoyed the drive to the state park and back - it was a glorious day with blue skies and just a hint of heat in the air. Definitely a good time to get outside before the crazy southern humidity sets in.

I had pangs all day of wanting a beer or a glass of wine.  It's normal for us to go exploring and celebrate any lovely weather with alcohol. I got frustrated a bit when we returned home. I played outside with the boys - we pulled out balance bikes, tricycles, bubbles, water balloons, etc. - and I just really kept craving alcohol. But I told myself it would just make me tired and lazy and irritable. So I chugged down two non alcoholic beers pretty quickly.

That seemed to do the trick. I'm hoping at some point that I can just forgo any n/a drink but it will do for now.

The boys took a cat nap on the couch and we all went to bed early. It was a good day all around. Today celebrating Day 15.