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100 Days of Sober featured in The Greenville News

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As someone who has been in the PR profession my entire life, it truly is weird to be on the other side of a story. But I want to thank Lillia at the The Greenville News for writing an article that highlights the rise in restaurant trends geared towards non-alcoholic beverages and lifestyle trends that focus on balance - as well as my semi-private (now public haha!) 100 Days of Sober Challenge where I've taken a step back from alcohol in my life.

(For anyone who knows me, I've had a longstanding love affair with wine that has recently ended!)

This will be the only time I'm ever uttered in any article in the same mention as Husk Restaurant, so I'm just gonna roll with it! If you read the article, let me know what you think. xo Kim

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One of the most popular questions I receive is about attending events!

For example, one individual asked, “I want to try the Whole 30 diet for my upcoming wedding, but know wine will be my downfall. How can I still socialize without wine at parties while I’m on the diet?”

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The Drinking Cycle + free sign up for Sober October Challenge

Looking forward to taking a break from alcohol - and getting out of the rut of a drinking cycle? Join our free Sober October challenge, which begins October 1!

Looking to breaking this drinking cycle?! Sign up for the free  Sober October Challenge  with 100 Days of Sober!

Looking to breaking this drinking cycle?! Sign up for the free Sober October Challenge with 100 Days of Sober!

For years, I was caught up in the following cycle: 

  • I would drink wine nearly every night as a “treat” for making it through the day

  • Slowly, over time, my drinking would increase

  • I would start feeling like crap and be tired of feeling tired

  • I’d stop drinking for a few days and feel better and then repeat the cycle.

  • Someone recently asked me if it was OK to take a few days off and then have a beer.

    For me, I keep on realizing more and greater benefits the longer I go without alcohol. The cycle above was leaving me in a constant state of anxiety and disappointment.

    Holly from Hip Sobriety asks the question “Is alcohol getting in the way of your dreams in this one life you have been given?”

    For me, it was. I have more energy, more enthusiasm and feel like my daily wine consumption was preventing me from doing what I wanted. And that is to feel good in my skin.

    Does this cycle look familiar to you? I have been working to create daily content for a FREE Sober October Challenge. I’d love to have you join me if you’re looking to enjoy an alcohol-free October.

“Is alcohol getting in the way of your dreams in this one life you have been given?”
— Holly, Hip Sobriety

Day 11 - Fully Present and Alive!

Day 11 on my alcohol free journey. My kids are in pre-school, where the class starts at 8:15. We are notoriously late - most times getting there by 8:30 but sometimes well after.

Last year was even worse - many days we'd struggle to get there by 9 a.m. And I always opted to buy the kids' lunches at school.

If I'm honest, the reason why we are late is because of me. I obviously set the tone for the day and sometimes we don't even wake up until after 7. Then we rush to have breakfast and scoot out the door. And it's because of the wine, right? I know it is.

If I drink even a glass or two of wine, I don't sleep well, I don't prepare, I don't plan for the day ahead. I just get lazy - and that is sad to me.

This last week and a half we have been bringing our A game! I have been making lunches for the kiddos and we have been rocking and rolling on getting out the door on time.

This morning, we had to be there extra early because the kids' class hosted a program where they sang and danced. We made it on time with plenty of room to spare! I laid out their clothes last night and made them lunch this morning and it was a breeze.

Afterwards, I had a great workout and finished up a few things for work.

It's no secret my productivity has been sky high and I'm grateful for this....Day 11 has been strong and full of positivity! The next milestone will be Day 14 where I celebrate two weeks of being alcohol free on this 100-day journey.

Is anyone else out there on an alcohol free journey? I haven't really told a lot of people yet. I feel I want more days under my belt to be confident.

Day 10 - Mood Swings

I have been in a wonderful mood lately. Maybe it's because my recent hike to Raven Cliff Falls - or my taking more time out of my day to meditate. But I'm in a shitter of a mood today. I'm having a shitty day at work. Enough said.

I've been trying to balance working from home while also watching my twin toddlers. If it sounds like a fucking breeze, it's not.

And I just want to drink a big old glass of wine. I'm pissed I started this challenge. Everyone in the fucking world drinks. I might as well, too.

And it would be better if I was part of a community where I could share all this shit. But I haven't even told my friends or family about this blog. So there it is. I'm double digits and will just imagine going to bed sober tonight but I'm not fucking happy about it

Day 9 - Raining cats and dogs and my list!

Ugh, it's literally been raining all day. Everyone has cabin fever and I would be lying if I said I wasn't craving a glass of wine. I want to cuddle in a blanket and enjoy that nice, warm feeling that the first glass provides. But I won't. I want to keep going. I want to be clearheaded and disciplined and remember why I'm doing this:

  • I can't control alcohol, alcohol controls me
  • I won't sleep well
  • I will snack like shit
  • I will be frustrated with myself tomorrow for not seeing through this challenge
  • I will be short with the boys because I will be tired and depleted of energy

I have already had two chai tea lattes today. I just need to picture myself going to bed sober.

O.K. so things I like more than a glass of wine:

  • Sleeping great
  • Meditating - I have been using Headspace for a while and it has been great to take a break and practice being in the moment
  • Exercising - I truly love to run and workout - and my workouts are so much better when I don't drink
  • Connecting with others on a deeper basis
  • Coffee and tea
  • Learning new things -books, music, history
  • My boys - watching them grow, playing with them, talking with them about their day and what interests them
  • My work - while it gets stressful, I truly love doing PR and social media
  • My husband - our relationship is so much better when I don't drink. We have been together for 13 years and it's nice to have so much history with someone even though he drives me bat shit crazy sometimes
  • My family - in all sorts of forms

O.K. there we go. Tomorrow we'll be in double digits. Just have to fight off those cravings for a few more hours!