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Fall Sale - 25% off TeaMi purchases through September 30!


Use code KIMB25 to receive 25% off your TeaMi purchase through September 30.

Just a quick note to anyone who is interested in trying TeamMi blends! I am so bummed that I drove to a conference this week and forgot my Energy tea blend.

I also am excited that - when I get home from the conference this week - I should have the Chai Tea and Relax blends I ordered to try.

Last week I shared that I love trying new tea blends during this sober challenge. Itā€™s nice to explore different non-alcoholic beverages and the TeaMi Energy blend has been awesome so far. I get a nice clean energy feeling from it - much different than when Iā€™m sipping on coffee with whole milk all day.

There are a variety of blends to try - and, from now through September 30, you can receive 25% off your purchase of $34 or more by using the code KIMB25.

I do receive a small commission and will donate 100% of the commissions to Women For Sobriety each month.

Hope you all have a great week! xx Kim