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"Dreams become decisions when you cultivate them." - Lara Casey

Day 20: Cultivated Life Evaluation

Welcome to Day 20!

At the beginning of 2018, I wanted to create new goals for myself. Not just resolutions that would quickly fall by the wayside, but goals that were:




I’m not the best at planning or goal setting. Sure, I’ve declared 1,001 goals for myself over the years but really never created an action plan on how to achieve them.

A colleague of mine shared she was a big fan of Lara Casey and her PowerSheets - she used them for the goals she set for her photography business and I decided to try them when I rang in the New Year for 2018.

There is a section of the PowerSheets planner where you complete a Cultivated Life Evaluation. Basically, you take a look at eight core areas and evaluate them on a numerical scale (from 1 - 10) and then have an area to write why you assigned that number and what your goal(s) may be in a particular area.

The categories are:

  1. Family

  2. Finances

  3. Spiritual/Personal Growth

  4. Health

  5. Spouse/Significant Other

  6. Friends

  7. Work

  8. Recreation

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When I started working on my PowerSheets, I knew I had wanted to quit drinking. I had even taken a few courses and had several successful stints under my belt where I had “gone dry” for a certain amount of time. But until I really took that Cultivated Life Evaluation, I honestly didn’t know or realize that alcohol was affecting all these core categories in a negative way. It was a real eye opener and that was the catalyst to me finally sticking with sobriety towards the middle of 2018.


Watch the video below to learn a little more about what I uncovered.

An no matter what your goals are, I did want to add a bit about productivity. Once I kicked the booze, my productivity SOARED. I had energy and enthusiasm again. I felt a spark in my brain that was telling me to create a course like this, as well as initiate other activities under the 100 Days of Sober umbrella. None of this ever would have happened if I would have kept drinking.

I truly believe you’ll uncover your very own magical spark if you give up alcohol - even if just for the 30 days. I’m rooting for you and encourage you to do your very own Cultivated Life Evaluation to identify areas that could potentially be improved if you kicked alcohol to the curb.


  1. Watch the video and also take a look at the Cultivated Life Evaluation Categories -I would encourage you to journal about ways alcohol is negatively affecting each of the categories presented.

  2. Say your Daily Mantra "I am cultivating what matters in my life to make progress in my goals."

  3. Head over to the Private Facebook Group and join us to share that you completed Day 20 (or share how alcohol is negatively affecting a major category for you after you complete the Cultivated Life Evaluation)

  4. Send any questions you may have to me at I want us all to have a successful 30-Day Reset so let me know how I can help.

  5. Want more?