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"Strong, kick-ass, aspirational women do not drink. They don’t need to be drugged to save the universe. They have better, more important things to do. They know that alcohol will just hold them back." - Clare Pooley, The Sober Diaries

Day 23: Who is Someone You Admire?

Welcome to Day 23!

A remarkable 75% of executives say mentoring has been critical to their career development, according to a survey by the American Society for Training and Development.

And, while in the video below, I talk about how mentoring has been crucial to my professional success, I also want to make a parallel between having a mentor in your sober journey.

If you have someone in your life who is sober or recovering (I didn’t), that’s great! If you attend AA and have a room full of people who are sharing similar experiences, I think that is wonderful!

For me, I was pretty much on an island when I quit drinking. I didn’t have anyone “in real life” to turn to, so I immersed myself in “quit lit” (see Sober Success Stories) and online through the Instagram community. I also became really interested in celebrities, comedians and musicians who didn’t drink. I looked up to them (and still do!) when I’m feeling week.

I never really liked the taste, the way it made me feel, or any of the experiences I had associated with it. I feel that I am a role model for a lot of young girls and I would love to show them it’s okay not to drink if you don’t want to. I am proud to spread the message. You don’t need to feel like you HAVE TO drink alcohol to fit in. You can still be social and have fun without it. - Kayla Itsines

I think it’s important to have a role model no matter where you are in your journey. Try to envision what they would do in a stressful moment or moment of weakness and then perhaps try to emulate their behavior. If I feel like just throwing the towel in, I say to myself, “Bex Weller wouldn’t do this!” So find your Bex Weller and keep them top of mind when you need to!

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I don’t drink. It’s been seven years. It was affecting my relationships. And I looked at everyone, whose career I kind of admired, and I’d go, ‘they don’t drink a lot and I do, and I’ve got to stop.’
— Comedienne Nikki Glaser


  1. Watch the Mental Mentor video

  2. List out a few people you admire who choose not to drink and keep them top of mind!

  3. Say your Daily Mantra "I am a strong, kick-ass aspirational woman!"

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