"Have you ever walked around your own city as if you were a tourist? You'd be surprised how much there is to see and how little you probably know about the place you live...." - Marion Bres

Day 28: Explore Your Area

Welcome to Day 28!

In an earlier lesson, I shared some insight from Kim at Sober In Vegas on how to enjoy an alcohol-free trip to Las Vegas! But what about your own home town?

Being alcohol free affords you the luxury of more time, more enthusiasm and more energy. So use it to your advantage and start to explore all the great things your community has to offer!

I’ve also included her thoughts on the best pieces of sobriety as she recently celebrated THREE years of being alcohol-free! I hope you enjoy this Q&A with Kim!

Q. How can you navigate your own hometown (or one you are traveling to) and experience the area sans alcohol?

A. Two words - get curious. Been wondering what that weird building was on your drive home? Pull over and finally check it out.Been wondering if there are any local theatre companies to see a show at on a Saturday night? Start doing some research and asking around. And get involved. You'll start learning so much more about your community by getting involved, and you will start to feel more comfortable and rooted.

"When I moved back to Vegas after almost a decade of being away, I found the quickest way to feel less lonely (and less tempted to drink) was to volunteer weekly," says Kim. "It gave me social interactions to look forward to, helped me get to know my community, and it felt great to give back!"

Finally, see if there are local sobriety meet ups in the area you are traveling. "I also try and check Instagram for sober hashtags in the area just to see what other folks are doing in that town that don’t involve alcohol," she suggested.

Q. What are the best pieces of living an alcohol-free lifestyle that you've experienced so far? And do you have tips/tools you use when you perhaps are craving a drink?

A. READING, AUDIOBOOKS & PODCASTS. The minute I start to feel frazzled or lonely or tempted, I dive into something to challenge my brain. When you're feeling at your best explore and stock up--because when you are feeling down you won't have the energy.

Q. What keeps you motivated to continue a sober lifestyle?

A. The fact that everything is harder when alcohol is in my life. Getting sober didn't magically 'fix' me. It is one of the best decisions I've ever made--but sober me was still me and my problems were still there. What has made such a huge difference however is how I am able to tackle those problems now instead of ignore them. I sleep better, I have way fewer panic attacks, and much fewer fights with my spouse and family. I've been able to seek help for long standing emotional & mental issues, and had the time to have my first solo art show. I don't know that any of that would have been possible if booze was still in my life!


  1. Make a list of things you’d like to do in your hometown - classes you want to try, plays you want to see, tourist areas you’ve never been to - and get to it!

  2. Say your Daily Mantra "I choose adventure. I choose sobriety!"

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