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 "Sobriety delivers everything alcohol promised."

Day 30: The Benefits of Sobriety

Welcome to Day 30! And CONGRATULATIONS for completing RESET!

It’s my true hope that you have gleaned lots of helpful tools to add to your toolbox - and that you feel confident in walking away from RESET with a different perspective on the role that alcohol plays in your life. In the video above, I ask you to reflect on three simple questions that will help you move forward:

  • What worked?

  • What didn’t?

  • What did I learn?

I wanted to end the course by shining a big spotlight on the BENEFITS and PERKS of Sobriety. They are illustrated beautifully in this artwork by Positively Present.

The Perks of Sobriety

I also reached out to lots of folks, asking them what their favorite element of sobriety is. I’ve included some responses below. I encourage you to make a list of your own favorite benefits and revisit them when you feel the need. Thank you so much for committing to this RESET program - and best wishes on your journey moving forward.

Finally, I have a special surprise for you, courtesy of Positively Present. Use the code sober (made exclusively for this program!) at checkout to receive 15% off your purchase. Visit Positively Present online to view her offering. xoxo Kim

Feeling more in control of my emotions and less irritability
— Mary B
Increased productivity
— Kim B
Serious personal growth
— Monica D
Less irritability and guilt - and lack of a wine belly
— Reba R
Glowing skin
— Betsy G
No hangovers ever. Always clear headed
— Carly B
Saving money
— Susan P
So many free hours and not being hungover
— Jane M
Remembering nights out with friends
— Jan S
Time with our children and family, time for all of the little things that alcohol cast a haze over.
— Chris F
Remembering everything. Being able to drive anytime and not having to rely on anyone else to take me anywhere
— Nancy T
No embarrassing texts and forgotten phone calls where I am an anxious wreck because I have no idea what I said. I am beyond excited to remember the rest of my life
— Emily E
Less heartache/heartbreak. it’s so much easier to forgive myself.
— Ray R
Having the energy and attitude to make positive changes in my life-like the will to workout, being more alert in everything I do, focusing on the things and people I love.
— Jamie L
No more stomach issues
— Taylor M
Social anxiety has disappeared
— Beth D
Much less grumpy and so much more energy! Much happier and more present in so many aspects of my life. Also, so much less internal negative noise in my head!
— Jon D
No more peeing in weird places
— Darius L
I am fully present with my kids
— Diana G
So much more time for activities
— Abby A
Freedom from drunk decisions, lessons, heartache, being hungover, drunk driving, blackouts, crying, emotional , being sad, depressed, turning to alcohol... free
— Taryn R