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Day 7: Decision Making Fatigue

"Good decision making is not a trait of the person, in the sense that it’s always there. It’s a state that fluctuates.” - social psychologist Roy F. Baumeister

Welcome to Day 7!

Do you ever feel you spend your ENTIRE waking day using up all your energy to make decisions? You wake up in the morning full of motivation and enthusiasm to embrace an alcohol free lifestyle - but then by 6 p.m. you are spent and finding yourself going back to old ways and patterns.

In the video, I’m encouraging you to just make the decision to stop drinking alcohol through the rest of the challenge. Why? This BIG decision will eliminate decision-making fatigue, leaving you more brain power, time and energy to put towards other decisions.

Just don’t even entertain the thought, “but maybe I could just have a drink this weekend.” Commit for the rest of the challenge, and you’ll eliminate the number of decisions you make in a day that revolves around alcohol - whether to drink it, what to drink, how much to drink, etc.'

But I’d also like to encourage you to identify other primary areas that you may be able to automate decision making - to save your brain power for decisions that really matter - and set up systems that take care of the small stuff for you.

  • Document standard office procedures through systems, such as Sweet Process

  • Make your weekdays and weeknights more efficient through meal prep and/or meal planning routines

  • Try incorporating a capsule wardrobe to make clothes shopping and getting dressed easier

  • Standardize certain household chores or automate bill paying

Again, I think you’ll find it super helpful to be free of decision fatigue when faced with the important ones - like whether or not to take that drink!


  1. Identify your physical trinket and place it/wear it where you can see it daily!!

  2. Say your Daily Mantra "I believe I can."

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  4. Send any questions you may have to me at I want us all to have a successful 30-Day Reset so let me know how I can help.

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