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“After 30 days, ( ... ) my skin looked considerably better, and I actually enjoyed getting out of bed early morning to exercise.”James Swanwick, author of The 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge.

Day 24: How to Get Amazing Skin!

Welcome to Day 24!

Did you know that drinking alcohol can wreak absolute havoc on the skin? I recently shared on Instagram that my skin has cleared up so much since I quit boozing!

And it's not just me! Take a look at other experiences from authors who kicked the drink and the effects it had on their skin:


So what's the deal?

According to Ashwood Recovery, alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it dehydrates the body.

Without proper hydration, the skin dries out and becomes less elastic.
— Ashwood Recovery

TRANSLATION: Drinking alcohol can dry you out, making you look older! 

The other side effect can swing the totally opposite way, causing you to break out in a fit of acne.

The consumption of alcohol can alter your hormone levels and an imbalance in estrogen or testosterone levels has been proven to be a direct cause of acne.

I used to have breakouts all the time:

  • Some people thought I should cut out dairy.

  • Some people thought it was a hormonal imbalance.

  • I thought it was stress or my diet.

  • And maybe all the above could still apply. However, I noticed THE BIGGEST change by cutting out alcohol.

In the day and age of instant gratification, I know we all want to see results pretty quickly. And I really did start seeing improvement around the two week mark when I quit drinking. Just take a look at the quote from Perricone MD for further validation:

In reality, alcohol creates inflammation throughout your body and skin, and its effects far surpass dehydration alone. Dullness, enlarged pores, discoloration, sagging, fine lines and lack of resilience are just some of the symptoms that can result within the skin.



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