Day 8: Get Creative

""Humans get in all kinds of creative ruts. I've found in working with artists, and other creative professionals, that their creativity in their vocational life mirrors that in other parts of their lives, and vice versa. If they're stuck in art-making, they are likely stuck elsewhere." - Matt Lundquist

Welcome to Day 8! 

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Beers and brainstorms? Vino and Van Gough? Creating music while under the influence?

Do drugs and alcohol really make you more creative?

I used to think drinking wine made me a better writer and more open to new ideas. Sometimes I would set myself at the computer and start to write an article or a blog post or a strategic plan, thinking I was tapping into the most creative outlets of my brain after a few glasses of wine.

But, more times than not, I’d wake the the next day with a foggy brain and be utterly disappointed in my work. I’d usually have to scrap it or edit heavily because of careless errors.

When it comes to falsehoods or myths out there I’d like to shatter, it' definitely surrounds the thinking that drugs and alcohol promote creativity. That’s a lie! It’s not necessary to become dependent on these substances to tap into your God given creative juices.

I was transcribing therapy sessions for some extra work once and did an experiment…Because the software shows you exactly how long it takes to transcribe (for example, 10 minutes of talking could take 40 minutes to transcribe correctly), I got pretty good snapshot and I can categorically say that my brain is measurably more stupid with wine. - Instagram Comment

So I’m going to go out on a limb and say that, most times, when we suffer from creative blocks we aren’t in need of more wine. Rather, we’re in need of inspiration, motivation or just plain rest to get past feeling burned out.

This subject is so timely - because all last week I was sick, uninspired and just feeling blah. I LET MYSELF feel that way. I gave myself some rest. I laid on the couch and watched movies with the kids. And I felt grace instead of guilt over giving myself a little room to rest.

To tap back into inspiration, I am asking you to complete a Creative Recipe Worksheet - to help bring some of your favorite things to the forefront. In times when I feel stuck, frustrated or in a creative rut, I have found I’m farther away from doing what truly makes me feel content. Complete it and then add some dates to the calendar where you can ensure you are connecting with the things that restore your energy, creativity and passion!


  1. Complete the Creative Recipe Worksheet - and find some ways you can incorporate the things you’ve identified into a daily or weekly routine

  2. Say your Daily Mantra "I experience unlimited creativity with a clear mind."

  3. Head over to the Private Facebook Group and join us to share that you completed Day 8 (or post any successes or struggles you encountered)

  4. Send any questions you may have to me at I want us all to have a successful 30-Day Reset so let me know how I can help.

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