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Day 3: The Power of Gratitude

"Without gratitude and appreciation for what you already have, you’ll never know true fulfillment." - Tony Robbins

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Welcome to Day 3! 

There’s one simple thing that ANYONE can do each day without needing any special skills, equipment or talent.

Write in a daily gratitude journal.

Yes, that’s it! A gratitude journal.

And maybe you’ve heard over and over the benefits of choosing gratitude over guilt, negativity, spite or any other negative emotions. And maybe you’ve thought, “that’s just not for me.”

And a few months ago, I would have agreed with you! But during the summer of 2018 I started a gratitude challenge on Instagram. Each day, I shared a prompt for people to respond to regarding an aspect in their lives they were grateful for. And just by the virtue of participating and responding to my own prompts, I started to see a marked difference in my attitude and daily choices.

I started to choose grace over anything else. There is always something to be grateful for. And I encourage you to notice what is going right in your life, rather than focusing on all that is wrong.

According to Jesus Calling, if you practice thankfulness consistently, negative thought patterns will gradually grow weaker and weaker.

This habit takes time to develop - just like anything else. But it’s my hope that you are able to take this one and simple act and invest in it - so you can realize the power of being thankful.

Giving Thanks
Willie Nelson


  1. Identify how you will enter your thoughts of gratitude (bound journal, blog, Word doc on your computer, notes on your phone) and set a reminder on your phone to enter three things you are grateful for each morning or night.

  2. Say your Daily Mantra "I choose grace." whenever a negative thought creeps in.

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  4. Send any questions you may have to me at I want us all to have a successful 30-Day Reset so let me know how I can help.

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